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How I Met Him

Our story began in late 2022. We had been following each other for a while on Instagram, and he replied to my story (of course, it was about traveling!). We talked all day and night. There was not a moment we weren’t laughing or making jokes. We talked about our past, future, and dreams. We talked about our values and beliefs and where we saw ourselves in the future.

We first met in Dallas at a Gambian soccer match. I was in town visiting my twin sister. When my sister and I arrived, we were driving around looking for a parking spot, and I locked eyes with him out of the blue. After the game, he came and asked me out for the next day.

I was nervous, trying out different outfits and not knowing what to expect. But once he picked me up, it seemed like we’d known each other forever. It was a natural connection. We laughed and talked the whole night. After the weekend, we continued texting and sending voice notes with FaceTime calls daily. I knew early on in our relationship that I would marry MamG. His character said it all. MamG is the most kind-hearted, hardworking, sweet, and lively man I have ever met. With constant dad jokes to non-stop laughter, he brought me happiness I didn’t even know I was missing. Every day, he amazes me how much he cares for people. He is, without a doubt, one of a kind. He showed me a type of love I didn’t know even existed. I knew I had met my person for life the moment I met him.

Now to the sappy part, a tribute to my fiancé, husband, and best friend. You are the most genuine, generous, loving person I have ever known. Knowing you is a blessing that I will never take for granted. From nerdy jokes, your attention to detail, your constant overwhelming happiness, and your contagious laughter. You spoke to me in all five love languages, provided stability and assurance, and consistently applied pressure. Here’s to being my forever Wolof/French tutor and my number-one fan. My one and only, my future MamGoree Sock. I am the luckiest woman; as Allah said, “We are made in pairs,” and you and I were written in the stars.

Our time together passes by so quickly. We went from meeting in September, spending Thanksgiving with my family to our traditional wedding in January. The Sahor and Sock family are ready to reunite. We are excited for our families and friends to come together and celebrate with us. 

How I Met Her

Our story started off like many modern-day love stories. We had been following each other on social media for a long time, and I always admired her from afar. The truth is, we had been eyeing each other for a while, occasionally liking each other’s posts and stories until I finally mustered up the courage to initiate a conversation.

We first met in person at an event in Dallas. Our first meeting was at a soccer game on a warm Texas Saturday. She and my sister-in-law, Fatou, drove past me at a parking lot as I was prepping for the game, and I remember us locking eyes in a rather dubious way, trying to figure out if we both saw the right person. We talk about how funny that whole scenario was to this day. After the game, we hung out at a lounge, then spent an hour at a Whataburger, talking and eating the night away. We went on a few more dates and enjoyed each other’s company. As a certified foodie, I was really impressed when she took me to her favorite brunch spot – The Biscuit Bar – where we bonded over our love for snacking. We took photos of each other in a relatively open and busy area; it was the weirdest thing that only she and I would do. At one point, she wore my sunglasses. At the time of writing this, she does not know, but that was a special moment; her smile was beaming, her energy was warm and welcoming, and I remember just staring at her in awe for a brief moment, thinking I may have just found HER and I was right. I still have that picture; it is one of my favorite photos of her. The rest is history.

Knowing Haddy is knowing genuine unconditional love, warmth, kindness, nurture, peace, and selflessness. She is the most supportive person I’ve met. She goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy and sometimes to a fault. I’ve tried slowing her down so she can care for herself, but I have failed more times than won. It’s just who she is as a person. She swept me off my feet and stole my heart at a time in my life I was least expecting to find true love. She was always patient with me from the jump, took her time to understand me (and my Dad jokes), and was never judgmental. Likewise, I never felt pressured to not be myself around her. Our energies and personalities meshed like a puzzle, loving and accepting every piece of each other, knowing that we may not be perfect as individuals, but together we make an indestructible unit. We spoke the same language of love. Her presence is akin to a star and gives me the energy to exist at my best, like a plant needs the Sun.

We are so happy and honored to have you join us as we celebrate our union (for the umpteenth time, haha) and ask that you include us in prayer as we take on this new journey as a couple.

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